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Frequency Band Detail for 6 GHz

Spectrum Attribute Attribute Value
Band 6 GHz
Band Name U-NII-5 to U-NII-82
Frequency 6 GHz
Allocated Use WLAN
Used in Region Global
Duplex Mode TDD
TDD Band (MHz) 5925 - 71251
Bandwidth 1200
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U-NII bands and FCC regs
Name Freq. Range (GHz) Bandwidth (MHz)
U-NII-5 5.925–6.425 500
U-NII-6 6.425–6.525 100
U-NII-7 6.525–6.875 350
U-NII-8 6.875–7.125 250
  1. 1.2 GHz Bandwidth for U-NII-5 to U-NII-8. U-NII-5=5.925-6.425 GHz; U-NII-6=6.425-6.525 GHz; U-NII-7=6.525-6.875 GHz; U-NII-8=6.875-7.125 GHz.

  2. 47 CFR section 97.303 authorizes amateur radio operators to transmit at 5.65-5.725 GHz.