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Cellular External Antenna Port

AirLink MP70 Vehicle LTE Router includes 2 antenna ports to attach external cellular antennas. See below for different options for high gain and high performance indoor and outdoor antennas to improve the signal strength and indoor coverage.

Cellular Replacement Antenna

Select Replacement Cellular Antenna Sierra Wireless 1104073
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Cellular External Antenna Kit

See below for the most popular LTE antenna kits to boost the signal of your AirLink MP70 Vehicle LTE Router. These kits include cables, lightning protection, and all required pigtails/ adapters. If none of these pre-configured kits works for you, see below wizard to configure custom kit.

Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna Kits (RECOMMENDED) with 20 ft Cable with 50 ft Cable
Yagi Kit
12 dBi Directional Yagi Antenna kit for 698-2700 MHz operation. Slightly larger than Panel (dimensions: 35" x 9" x 2") but higher gain.
Outdoor Directional Panel Antennas Kits with 20 ft Cable with 50 ft Cable
Yagi Kit
10 dBi Directional Panel Antenna kit for 698-2700 MHz operation. More compact than Yagi (dimensions: 26" x 13" x 5") but lower gain.
Outdoor Omnidirection Antenna Kits with 20 ft Cable with 50 ft Cable
Yagi Kit
9 dBi Omni-directional Antenna kit for 698-2700 MHz operation. ONLY recommended if have no dominant signal from specific direction.

For cellular signal improvement, use our tool selector below to Configure Custom External Cellular Antenna Kit:
Configure Antenna Kit

Cellular Antenna Port Pigtail and Connectors

1104073 has 2 antenna port. (NOTE: A custom pigtail is defined for this device.)

Consider these common pigtails for your device:

1 ft SMA-Male (SMA Plug) to N-Female (N Jack) Cable
RP-SMA-Male (RP SMA Plug) to N-Female (N Jack) Pigtail (1ft)
1 ft RG-58 Cable with TNC Male to N-Female Connectors

Consider common adapters below to connect pigtail or device port to different cable options:

N-Female (Jack) / FME-Female (Jack) Coax Adapter
N-Female to RPSMA-Male Coaxial Adapter
RP-SMA Male to SMA-Female Adapter

Search other related adapters

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